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Spacewall - Shop fitting with maximum creativity

We have made this vision a reality: SPACEWALL® is the leading supplier of slatwalls and accessories. Through dedication and high performance, we created products that make it easy for you to be the creator of successful shopping worlds.

The name SPACEWALL® is a worldwide synonym for sophisticated, high-quality and functional products for visual sales promotion. SPACEWALL® products are used in shop-, exhibition- or trade fair construction - wherever you find successful product presentations. SPACEWALL® offers unlimited possibilities between appealing interior design and the most immediate needs of the sale.

Demanding and individual as your customers
Our many years of experience in manufacturing and our feel for the PoS design form the basis for the high quality of the SPACEWALL® range. This is why SPACEWALL® stands for solutions that are as demanding and individual as the customers who shop with you.

Often copied and yet unrivaled
Again and again, there are attempts to imitate the SPACEWALL® slatwalls. It is overlooked that not only our quality can hardly be achieved in copy. Also our experience and our wide range of exactly matched services are simply not imitating. Whether you call it slatwall, groove, latch wall or slit rail - only SPACEWALL® is SPACEWALL®. Everything else is just a rack.

Convincing service
Comprehensive product advice and flexible know-how transfer give you all the tools that guarantee you satisfied customers as a shop and trade fair construction company. Ready-to-install pre-production and just-in-time delivery ensure efficient execution of your orders.

Our philosophy is to keep an eye on the entire chain SPACEWALL® - shop building - shopkeeper - end customer. This allows us to meet requirements and desires at all levels. Only when manufacturers, suppliers and customers see themselves as partners can the best results be achieved. This is why SPACEWALL® is your partner.

SPACEWALL® own branch offices:  

Czech Republic: Spacewall s.r.o., Prague www.spacewall.cz

Poland: Spacewall sp. z o.o., Warsaw www.spacewall.pl
Hungary: B & B Spacewall Kft., Budapest www.spacewall.hu
Austria: Spacewall Austria, Seeham

SPACEWALL® Contractors:  

Greece: Pinoneer Materials, Patras www.protoporiakaylika.gr

Lithuania: Dalca, Vilnius www.dalca.lt

Romania: Hyper Line, Oradea

Finnland: Tila Mar, Lohja www.tilamar.fi

SPACEWALL® Partner/Relationships:

Italy: SW Group S.R.L., Cavenago Brianza (MB) www.spacewall.it
Russia: Redline, Moskau www.red-line.ru
U.A.E.: Retouche, Dubai www.retouchegroup.com
Netherlands: Perfotube B.V., Renswoude www.perfotube.nl
Switzerland: EDEL & WEISZ AG, Ibach www.edelundweisz.ch

SPACEWALL® Salesman Germany:

Frank Riedl, (alle PLZ-Gebiete neue Bundesländer, PLZ-Gebiete 3, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Ron Klaassen, (PLZ-Gebiete 4, 5)

SPACEWALL® Salesman International:

Ron Klaassen, (NL, B, DK, N)

SPACEWALL® Commercial agent:

Shaun Högner, InterStyle, Hof (alle PLZ-Gebiete alte Bundesländer, Frankreich, Schweiz)