SPACEWALL® Furniture buiding

Simple design - New design possibilities - More room for your ideas!

With Spacewall®, more thanonly slatwalls can be realized: according to your requirements, we also produce all kind of objects that you need for your shop concept - from the individual piece of furniture to the flexible system solution. Mobile versions and a wide range of material combinations are also available for you.


Whether you are looking for an individual or simple solution - Spacewall® enables you to achieve exactly the desired atmosphere and usability without being restricted by annoying specifications and prefabricated standard components.

We manufacture your objects with the precision of a modern CNC machine park. Whether ready assembled, or in items just-in-time to the point of sale for assembly, you decide.

Am Gewerbegebiet 1
D-95185 Gattendorf

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Fax: +49 (0)9281 73420-59