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SPACEWALL® Alpha – maximum creativity

For a long time the classical shop building has developed further - to a complex interplay of "emotional feelings", multifunctionality and exclusivity. At a time when the classic store business is increasingly replaced by its fast-paced and comfortable online trade, the emphasis is on setting new trends. Shopping is now meant to leave you feeling well. Experience.

Spacewall supports you with its extensive product depth. Create customized moods, combined with light and sound to give your interior an overall concept with harmonious and creative decorations. Tie your customers through a special shopping experience.

Be creative, without compromising.

Service is very important for us. We see ourselves as a reliable partner in store construction and support you in your planning and implementation of your project.

Am Gewerbegebiet 1
D-95185 Gattendorf

Tel.: +49 (0)9281 73420-0
Fax: +49 (0)9281 73420-59